AN/PVS-31 Binocular Night Vision Device (BNVD)

L-3 Warrior Systems’ AN/PVS-31 Binocular Night Vision Device (BNVD) is a compact, lightweight, Gen III dual tube goggle. It has an ergonomic low-profile design and offers superior situational awareness compared to a single tube goggle. Working directly with input from SOF Operators, the AN/PVS-31 BNVD was designed to increase system resolution, significantly reduce head borne weight, improve system center of gravity, provide additional operational utility, and improve overall situational awareness as compared to currently fielded dual tube goggles. The AN/PVS-31 is a follow-on to our legacy, battle proven AN/PVS-15.

SKU: MVP-BNG-001-A4.


Generation 3 US
Resolution 64 lp/mm (Min)
Gate Auto-Gated
Film Filmless
Magnification 1x
Field of View 40º
Objective Lens f/1.2
Diopter Adjustment +2 to -2.5
Range of Focus 18″ to infinity
Battery Type 1 AA (on board) or 4 AA (external battery pack)
Battery Life 16 Hours (single battery) or 50 Hours (External Battery Pack)
Weight 0.99lbs (w/ battery)
Dimensions 4.25”x 4.25” x 3.4”
Warranty 1 year
Weatherproofing Waterproof to 66′ for 2 hours

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