Night Vision Training and Education

In a crisis situation, you do not rise to the occasion. Instead, you sink to your level of training.

The Telluric Night Vision Operator Course (NVOC) is designed to give armed professionals the foundational knowledge needed to work safely and effectively with night vision goggles.

Military and Law Enforcement operations are frequently conducted during hours of darkness. Statistics show that most crimes – and the vast majority of Law Enforcement involved shootings – occur during hours of darkness or in low light conditions. Only a small percentage of Military and Law Enforcement training, however, addresses night operations. An even smaller percentage addresses night operations utilizing an important and increasingly popular tool- night vision.

Unfortunately, since 9/11 the huge increase in night vision procurement has not resulted in a corresponding increase in night vision training. Consequently, many units and agencies are under-utilizing this powerful tool. In some instances, they are even putting their warriors at risk by allowing them to operate with night vision without fully understanding its capabilities and limitations. This limits the operator’s ability to effectively perform even the most basic tasks using night vision goggles (i.e. fire a handgun).

Telluric Group’s 3-Day Night Vision Operator Course (NVOC) is designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge, skills, and tactics needed for the safe, effective use of night vision devices for Military, Law Enforcement, or select Security applications. It utilizes classroom presentation, range fire, drills and exercises, and scenario-based training. This course will challenge and compliment operators who already have advanced training and at the same time bring up to speed LEOs who have had no training in low-light/no-light tactical operations.

Training Dates

  • June 3-5, 2014 – Hosted at Telluric Group Training Facility – Brunswick, GA
      • Tuition: $750
  • June 24-26, 2014 – Hosted at Telluric Group Training Facility – Brunswick, GA
      • Tuition: $750
  • August 11-13, 2014 – Hosted by US Marshals Fugitive Task Force – Los Angeles, CA
      • Tuition: $850
  • August 14-16, 2014 – Hosted by US Marshals Fugitive Task Force – Los Angeles, CA
      • Tuition: $850


“I had a good time at the Night Vision Operator Course (NVOC) and learned techniques to bring back to my unit.”
- US Secret Service- Special Operations Training Section (SOTS)

“I have been assigned to a full-time SWAT Team for last 11 years and have been fortunate enough to attend numerous well-respected courses. Telluric’s Night Vision Operator Course (NVOC) was one of the absolute best curriculums I have ever experienced. Now I can go back to my team and show them how to exploit the true benefits of this tool that we absolutely misunderstood before this training. Take this course and have your eyes opened.”
- Tennessee based SWAT Team LEO

About the Instructors

Telluric training is conducted by the most experienced night vision instructors in the world. Their real world experience from the MIL/LE special operations community spans more than three decades, and includes recent operations using the latest techniques, tactics, and procedures as well as the best equipment. They have trained thousands of Federal, State, and Local Agents and Officers on night vision/night operations with outstanding results.


Basic Night Vision Tactics and Techniques:

• Use of Cover
• Moving and Shooting
• Use Lighting considerations for Tactical Advantage
• Countering Suspects use of White Light
• Countering Suspects use of NV Devices
• NV Reconnaissance and Surveillance
• Team Movement and Communication
• Mission Planning Considerations

Topics Include:

• Physiology and Psychology of NV Operations
• Night Vision Capabilities and limitations
• Individual Movement and Hand Eye Coordination
• Subject Restrain and Control
• Weapons familiarization and qualifications (Rifle and Hand Gun)
• Driving Considerations

Who Should Attend

  • Special Operations/SWAT Operators
  • Tactical Team Supervisors, Team-Leaders and Commanders
  • Trainers and those interested in expanding their team tactics
  • Counter-Terrorism unit operators
  • Federal Agencies
  • State, County, and Local Agencies
  • K9 Operators
  • LEOs interested in overall increasing their situational awareness, survivability and operational capabilities (SASOC)

The NV Operator Course is restricted to Military and Law Enforcement personnel. This course utilizes classroom presentation, range fire, drills and exercises, and scenario-based training. In accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), only US Citizens may participate in the Night Vision Operator Courses (NVOC). Documented carbine and handgun training are a prerequisite for the course.

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USMS-ClassroomDAY 1 – Classroom Instruction

  • In-Depth coverage on tactical night operations
  • Questions and answers

FTTT-RangeDAY 2 - Live Fire Range

  •  Utilizing 14 lanes exclusively designed for live fire tactical training
  • Moving down lanes while shooting in the dark
  • Lanes will be completely dark and live fire will be conducted using night vision goggles
  • Live fire held at Field Time & Target Training Range


USMS-OutsideDAY 3 – Shoot House

  • The US Marshals Training Facility is a world-class facility featuring a two story 3,800 square foot shoot house
  • UTM non-lethal training ammunition will be provided

Upon successful completion of course you will receive a “Certificate of Training for Night Vision Operator Course”

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Downloadable Info

NVOC-info-sheetNight Vision Operator Course (NVOC) Flyer

Host facility and travel information
What to bring with you , hotels and restaurants in the area, contact information, etc


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